BASIS Shavano Aerodragons

Our Mission

Our 22 member student led club aims to introduce 8th-12th grade students into The full Aerospace Engineering experience. We accomplish this by teaching our custom advanced aeronautics course to the students, exposing them to related professional engineering environments, and giving them the resources and assistance to pursue a legit and serious project by applying the knowledge they learn. We also have a rocketry team in which motivated students who already have a background in engineering-whether it be through the club or other outside experience-compete in the Team America Rocketry Challenge.

BASIS Aerospace Club

We are a second-year, student led aerospace club that aims to give those interested in aerospace a way to feel what it is like to be a real aerospace engineer. We have 12 members and we design ,construct, and fly remote-controlled aircraft. Those members are currently split into 4 team designing remote control planes that are either fast, cargo barring, or aerobatic. Those students will soon test their planes and adjust them accordingly to achieve their engineering goals.

BASIS Aerodragons Rocketry Team

We are a first-year rocketry team from BASIS Shavano campus in San Antonio. We have members from 9th-12th grade on our team. We participate in the Team American Rocketry Challange and seek to bring innovation to the competition. We also coach the aerospace club.