Rocketry Team

Aerospace Club

Presentation submitted!

Our TARC Presentation has been submitted🔥! This means we have entered into a design competition and will soon receive results on whether we qualified to the top 5 TARC presentations in the nation!

Almost time for flight!

Students have been working hard all year to design and build their RC planes! Right now, we are approaching the flight stage of building our RC planes and are finishing up the planes external frame and putting in the electronics. We will most likely we testing our planes late may (🤞 that they work)!

Airbrakes finished!

Our airbrakes system has been finished and has passed ground testing - now its time to test it on the rocket in flight😀! This system has also now been modified to include SD card data storage for extrapolation into Excel charts for data analysis.

Our first official sponsor!

A huge thank you to Biryani Pot for sponsoring our aerospace club and allowing us to gain access to better RC parts!